Sunday, December 03, 2006

That's One Crowded Bed

We have been trying to encourage Jonah to spend more of each night in his own bed rather than in our bed. He's three years old now and he and his foot abduction brace ("I wear it to keep my feet straight", he'll tell you) take up a whole lot of room. After he falls asleep in bed with me, I'll move him to his crib. Invariably, he wakes up saying "I want to be in your guys' beeeedddd" a few hours later--and half-asleep, who can resist or try to talk him out of it?
Now, I'm not much interested in fighting him over this--I like having him close and he seems to need the closeness--but I am interested in getting him to realize that a bed right next to our bed, see how close we are?, we are right here, is close enough.

So we were talking about this last night, Jonah and John and I, and I mentioned that we could move the crib out of the room and have him use Hannah's toddler bed right next to our bed. Jonah liked this idea.

As I was falling asleep, it hit me that if we switch Jonah to the toddler bed, it will mean that we are done using the crib forever. It will mean that my baby is all. grown. up.

I think that's why I had a dream last night that I was in bed with Hannah (who has never, even as an infant, had much interest in sleeping in our bed) and Jonah and another son (I think named James) and that I was pregnant.

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