Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday Talk: Vive La Revolution?

A young couple and a friend were sitting at the table next to ours at Tomo last night. It's not that they were being particularly loud, it's that our tables were so close together, it felt like we were sitting with them. Which made me privy to the following while they were talking about children's names. Keep in mind that I am not making this up.

Female of Couple: Well, we know we can't give a kid a name that sounds like it might be French.
Friend: Why's that?
FoC: MoC's family is French, but they had to flee the country--
MoC:--Under the guillotine! My Grandfather had to flee during the revolution. He doesn't allow anyone to speak French, because it reminds him of the revolution and all his friends who were guillotined.
Friend: Wow! That's intense for your family.
MoC: Yeah, the French Revolution was really harsh for my grandparents. They still talk about it.
FoC: So, no French names for us.

Female of Couple is, apparently, about to get her Master's degree. I take it that it is not in history (or else that's one really, really old grandpere).

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