Monday, November 27, 2006

Word Problem

A charming, somewhat older, fellow and his trophy wife each celebrated a birthday within the last week. If the husband's age is 200% that of the wife's and together they will reach a century in five years' time, how old are they now?


John L. Taylor said...

OK, now to get annoyingly pedantic!

I assume you meant the husband is 100% older, or 200% the wife's age, and that adding 10 years to the current total (as opposed to the 20 that would come with 10 years each) would sum to 100 years. If so, then the trophy wife is 30, and the distinguished husband is 60.

Given the assumption of the addition of 20 years, you would be 26.666... so, I'll stick with my first answer.

Happy belated birthdays to you both!

nrp said...

Yes, of course, and I realized this as soon as I hit publish, but Blogger wouldn't let me back in to edit and then we went out to dinner. So I've looked like an idiot out here all afternoon.
Celebrating turning 26.66666.... years seems perfectly rational to me.