Monday, November 27, 2006

The Best Laid Plans

It's a school night, one when John doesn't usually get home until after 6pm, the first day back after a lovely week off to boot. Also my birthday (I took tiny cupcakes to Hannah's class with me and the children sang to me, twice; it was very sweet)--one of those "big" ones.
My plan had been to make one of my favorite super-easy dinners tonight (Trader Joe's Green Curry sauce with tofu, vegetables and rice), have some cake (already made) and icecream (BonBoniere's White Christmas), get everyone off to bed early. Instead, John has arranged for the kids to go over to friends' while we go out for sushi (one of the only places open on a Monday and one that happens to be a favorite). He's even letting his class out early so that we can still get everyone to bed on time tonight. John's not one to think up this kind of thing on his own--we're planning on going out to a nice dinner this weekend, after all--and that makes it feel very special.

Turning 30. People make a big deal out of that. Like I am supposed to have some terrific angst associated with getting older. I do not. I feel like my life is very well anchored in my husband and my children and the life we have together that is only our own. I am deeply rooted in a community of peers and friends. Sure, it's not what I imagined it would be a half-life ago--I would have won at least one Nobel by now--but I didn't have the tools for imagining this back then. I'm glad to have made it to where I am today. The view from here is very nice indeed.

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