Saturday, November 25, 2006

Icing on the Cake

Hannah was rather disappointed that we did not eat turkey on Thanksgiving day. Not realizing that it was so important to her and since it was just us, I had made chicken. Today though we got to have a great, traditional turkey dinner with our dear friends.
They have been out of town all week (in fact, we lent--rented, is more like it--them our car so they'd have a little extra seating room on their trip and Santa made a couple of bucks). The kids were thrilled to see each other and played and played without our having to intervene nearly at all. John asked about our most memorable Thanksgiving/Christmas--a great way to get us sharing stories. The drama, the laughs, the pathos, the adult conversation.
We ate turkey and mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and green beans and peas and stuffing and lots and lots of gravy and it was so very good. There was a bit of anxiety over some of the turkey being a tad under-cooked and the stuffing having been laced, perhaps, with salmonella. But the gravy was so very good.

I made these tiny apple turnovers (recipe over at thedishandthespoon). They were a bigger hit than I had expected; next time I will make more.

Jonah is taking his nap now, Hannah's playing quietly, John's grading papers. In about an hour, we take the kids over to our friend Anne Marie's, about 5 minutes away from our place, so that she can borrow them for the evening (when she asked, couching it in just these terms, I said that would be fine, but we have a 3-day minimum and stiff penalties for early returns).

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