Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ask Ms Answer Person

Dear Ms Answer Person,
My daughter received a gift of pink Silly Putty from the Easter Bunny. We spent time showing her all the things you can do with this wonderful stuff. She especially enjoyed lifting pictures off of the comics page. While she was watching a movie, she absent-mindedly stuck a glob of it in her hair. How can I get it out?


Should have been supervising in NorCal

Dear Should have been supervising,
Your daughter is five years old! She should know better than to be putting sticky things in her hair!
Slick a fine-toothed comb with some vegetable oil (the cat's flea comb is perfect!). Take a small clump of putty and hair and start combing from the bottom of the hair. The putty you remove probably won't be worth saving.
Ms Answer Person

Dear Ms Answer Person,
As you can see from the following pictures, your handy tip worked very well.

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moe said...

Oh my goodness my daughter did the same thing only she took it to bed and slept on it. It was so stuck, I tried oil with only moderate success. Scissors worked for the rest.