Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday Talk: Henhouse Edition

I must be hard-wired to eavesdrop. I just cannot help it. Anything that is said in a public place is fair game. If you see me sitting in a coffee shop with my laptop on a Tuesday--you'll know me by the fashion statement I'm making*--you might just want to watch what you say because I will put it on my blog.

Today John and I are at The Coffee Break in Sunny Brae. The quality of the eavesdropping here is typically very good. Today, however, there is a group of 8-10 older women in the middle of the room. They are loud, but they are covering too many topics at once. Even I cannot keep up without making it obvious that I am listening to them. One of them has recently lost an older female family member (mother, I think, but it could be an aunt). Another is teaching an online history class for a community college in Southern CA. They are making jokes and laughing; that makes me grin. I should age so gracefully, though perhaps more quietly.

*The promotional copy, touting this machine as "Fashion statement.Productivity Tool." cracks me up. Yes, that's what I'm after in a computer, that it make people think I'm fashionable. "Hey, look at me! I made it out of the house! With a clean shirt on!" is about all I've ever been able to muster.


DT said...

I LOVE eavesdropping. I'm terrible.

We heard the end bit of the NPR broadcast the other night. I think I could hear you and John laughing. I'm glad you had a good time, but jealous that you got to go and we didn't.

Stuff! For me?! Wicked. Thanks!

email- heelsblog{***}@gmail.com is the best. You know to take out the stars and stuff, I assume.

Heather said...

You can get laundry done?!?! Now I'm jealous!