Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tuesday Talk

Overheard, walking from the Plaza to Northtown Books, this exchange between transients.
Transient #1: So, you're liking it here in Humboldt County?
Transient #2: Oh, yeah, it's so great man.
Transient #1: I know, I just got my first DUI and I've been driving like this for years.

Overheard, woman on cellphone in front of Sacred Grounds.
Woman: So, he's trying to convince you to marry him?
Woman: He's that confident?
Woman: You should tell him he should buy a house.


DT said...

The first time I read through, my eyes made "house" into "horse". It was even stranger...

DT said...

Please, oh please, great Naomi. We miss your musings!

Post already, lady! What are you, like, busy with two kids or something? Whatever.