Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Job description?

This morning right after John left for work, Hannah came out with this one: "I don't like it when Daddy goes to work and you babysit us."

Um, does anyone know what the going rate for babysitters is these days? Because I'm pretty sure it is not what they are paying me.

In the same category. Recently, Hannah saw a picture of me from, oh, 7 years ago or so. She asked me if her dad and I were already married when the picture was taken. I said no. She then said: "So, this is what you looked like before you came to work for us." Well-rested?


DT said...

What has John been telling her?!

So, do you get benefits? Pension? Sick days? I'd ask for a raise.

nrp said...

Hmmmmm... This is the USA. No benefits, no pension. Sick days? I do, however get frequent raises. Even when they double my salary though, I'm still making not a single cent.

I will say that for the most part, this is the bestest job ever!

Anonymous said...

yes, so, hello and thanks for accomodating.


nrp said...

Oh, you know, it's what they pay me for.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you've got a pretty sweet setup...want to see some pictures of my new house in boston?

Anonymous said...

that was whitney, by the way. you can tell by the lower cases.

Anonymous said...

Aha! You're accepting anonymous comments now. I can make my presence known.

Hi Naomi and family. It's Hannah E. :)

Angie said...

I cannot believe that little HANNAH!! This is a lovely way to record all the kiddo fun.

I am reading a book by Judith Warner called A Perfect have to read this book. It's helped my mental state.

Thanks for hanging out today.