Monday, June 27, 2005


Ever since watching the Tour de France coverage with me last year, Jonah has been quite taken with bikes of all sorts. He's just now getting to be just about tall enough to reach the pedals on the tricycles at school and on Hannah's adorable miniature TREK if we put the seat all the way down.
We had said Trek in the house this evening so we could supervise the madness while making dinner, picking up, folding laundry. For the most part, this consisted of Jonah becoming terribly frustrated yet refusing to get off the bike and Hannah whining about not getting a turn. When I'd finally had enough, I suggested a ride in the bike trailer.
First of all, we haven't used the trailer in months, so we had to check it thoroughly for spiders and clean off the webs. Then we found out that Hannah's helmet has a broken chin-snap thingy, so we couldn't go out on the road. Oh, don't forget to put air in the tires.
I did 20 or so laps up and down the driveway and through the soccer field (John did a couple as well) listening to my children singing together and chatting (Her: What did you do at school today? Him: My school is really, really fun. Her: I went on a fieldtrip, but I missed you alot. Him: My school is really, really fun. I really, really missed you.) I should do this more often.


DT said...

You're just rubbing in how stinkin' cute those kids of yours are. I can't wait til I can rub it in about how stinkin' cute MINE is.

Have the colds all cleared up? Is the weather getting a bit nicer now?

nrp said...

Dani, I can hardly wait either to see the kid you and John made. And I'm willing to bet he will be funny and smart and adorable.

The colds are gone. The weather is marginally better. No rain for over a week...