Friday, July 01, 2005

For reference only

So today, in no particular order, I attempted to explain:
- why girls' swimsuits are different from boys' swimsuits
- why women can make breastmilk and men cannot
- vehicle license registration
- what a hoe is for
- why granola bars are so crumbly

There were, thankfully, no questions about god today. Although as we drove past the ballpark, I heard Hannah say "God is making the people play baseball." It was not a direct question and I was pretty worn out, so I pretended not to have heard.

I find that my vast education, and the degree in physics (with minors in both math and philosophy), as well as my wide-ranging reading list are useful from time to time. Mostly it's a lot of quick thinking and realizing that I don't actually know why a green light means go or whether my memories are larger than my head. I strive to be as straightforward and as honest as I can and not make too many things up.

Groundbreaking legislation idea of the day: couples bring in a positive pregnancy test to their favorite local government agency and receive in exchange a complete, current, Encyclopedia Britanica, the standard textbook on comparative religion, Black's Law Dictionary, some philosophy, some art history, some economics. I can guarantee, there will be a quiz. There will be many quizzes.

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Anonymous said...

I support your legislation. As soon as we're done with the living wage campaign here in Albuquerque I'll start the campaign for educated parents.