Thursday, May 31, 2007

School Days

The school year is winding down here; hard to believe Hannah's just about through with Kindergarten.Last week was the Spring Concert. Music is very important at Hannah's school (one of the reasons we chose it over some of the other terrific schools in the area). There's weekly music instruction in the classrooms for the lower grades and then a whole range of electives: a choir, an Orff ensemble, a tiny band, a teensy jazz band and a solid strings program--Suzuki violin starting in Kindergarten for the kids who want, and a serious string orchestra from 4th grade up. Hannah and her class sang together and her Suzuki group played some Twinkle Twinkle Little Star variations. For a school that doesn't have a very big pool to draw from (120-ish students in K-8), the concert was really quite impressive.

Another thing we immediately loved about this school was its setting. It's all Little School In The Big Woods right there in the middle of nowhere; evergreen-covered hills all around; cow pasture on one side and goats and horses on another.Today the school was locked down--yes, locked down, no one leaves the classroom--while a mother fox and her babies (cubs? kittens?) were evacuated from under the school's tool shed. What's not to love?

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