Sunday, November 12, 2006


It was pretty easy not to post at all on Thursday. It had been a long day, I was fretting about a few things. I didn't get any down-time at all to let some writing happen until late, late in the day. By then I hated every sentence I came up with.
It was even easier on Friday not to post. I did think about how I was not posting, but, eh, it's not like you people are leaving me much by way of comments anyway. It was easy to give up on posting every single day this month, but not so easy. I didn't even turn my computer on out of feeling by turns guilty and frustrated.
Saturday, more of the same. Busy enjoying a beautiful, warm, sunny day at the Farmer's Market (shallots, walnuts, leeks and some beautiful kale), the river and home. All the while feeling like I had to make an effort to part the atmosphere around me so that I could keep going forward.

Today I feel terribly slumpy. The weather has suddenly turned cold and rainy--which helps some. The kids and I baked a whole bunch of muffins and froze most of them so that John can take them to work with him next week. That helped too. But I just do not feel like writing.

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