Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Start painting the White House

Have I mentioned that in addition to having recently become a soccer mom I have also become a senator's wife? OK, don't get too excited here. We're talking about Humboldt State University's Academic Senate. Still. It looks real good on the resume.

What this mostly means for me is that John has a meeting every other Tuesday from 4-6pm (the other week, he teaches a class at that time). And that I will get to hear all about the politics, the lack of money and the gossip. I tried to talk John and another new senator into introducing a motion that all senators must attend meetings in togas and laurel wreaths.

I've been pretty cranky about HSU lately. More on that soon.


DT said...

But will you get the "football helmet" haircut and wear pillbox hats with tiny white veils?

nrp said...

Of course. And wearing sensible shoes.
Do my Simple Old School sneakers count as sensible shoes?

DT said...

I think sensible shoes have to have at least a one inch heel... in "senator's wife world", that is. And the toe can't be too pointy or too round. And you have to have 30 pair that all look the same except for the color. And they have to make your ankles and calves look really thick.
Yup. I think that's about it.

DT said...

So what's the deal with HSU anyway? You teased and didn't deliver, lady!