Monday, July 18, 2005

First peas of summer

We ate the first of the peas out of our garden with dinner tonight. Fresh snap peas are hands-down one of my most favorite foods. We probably would have had some to harvest earlier if I had not forgotten to put up the deer protection (no, Dani, not dirty diapers) one night a few weeks ago. The plants are clearly recovering though. And I learned my lesson.

I'm aware that peas are not considered very hard to grow, but I am taking considerable pride in these. In my whole little garden, in fact. This is the first vegetable garden I've done on my own. We always had extraordinary gardens when I was growing up. I wish I'd paid more attention; my Dad has serious green thumbs.

John's been working on a boy-scouty anti-deer netting tent thing, so we may get some green beans and tomatoes too.


DT said...

That dirty diaper thing didn't do it for ya, huh? Well, you could try hanging half bars of ivory soap from the trees- he did that too!

Those peas look GORGEOUS! We have been having monster zucchinis this year. I love veggie gardens- they make me feel so accomplished and handy.

nrp said...

The thing with trying to deter deer with smelly stuff is that eventually they get used to the smell and it doesn't bother them.

One thing I've loved about this garden is how hopeful it feels, kind of like having a baby--though one you can pull up and throw in the compost after a few months...

DT said...

I'm just joking about the smelly stuff- it never worked for him either, the crazy old coot.