Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Here we go

Dani has a blog. John Taylor has a blog. Whitney has a blog, or at least she used to. Lots of people have blogs. I should have a blog. I don't promise regular posts or anything, but it'd be good for me to exercise the writing muscles every once in a while.
Also, I don't promise interesting posts or anything, but I keep wishing I could be doing a better job of jotting down the preposterous and wonderful conversations I get to have with my children, the ways they drive me nuts and all the many beautiful everyday moments we get to share.

Jonah spent the evening playing with an old egg-beater, the kind you hold in one hand and turn a crank to spin the beaters. He kept at it for over an hour going over to different things saying "I'm mixing the floor, I'm mixing my nehneh, I'm mixing your shoulder, I'm mixing the book."

Hannah has been very sweet at dinner time lately, telling me that "All the food looks beautiful and tastes beautiful." And I cook entirely glitter-free, so I must really be doing something right.

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DT said...

Yea!! Nome-blog!