Thursday, June 16, 2005

Getting dressed

I don't know why I even ask Hannah what she wants to wear. She always says "A dress." Then I have to ask her which dress, then she asks which dresses are clean and I have to go through the whole list in code: pink, purple, rainbow, leggings, jumper, circus.
This morning it was pink. I must say, with all this rainy, cold weather, she has been getting much more use out of her winter dresses than I thought she would.

Because I have this exchange with Hannah, I wind up having a similar one with Jonah. I'm all about being fair. Typically, he will also ask to wear a dress. (This, of course, sets Hannah off: little boys don't wear dresses.) The other day, I let him stand at his drawer where he pulled just about everything out before settling on short overalls with cars and trucks and boats all over them.
This morning he was a little constipated.
Me: Jonah, what do want to wear this morning?
j: I'm pooping. *strain*
Me: Do you want to sit on the potty?
j: No, I'm pooping. *pained look*
Me: That's what the potty is--oh, never mind. What do you want to wear?
j: I'm pooping.
Me: Well, you can still pick out what you want to wear today. That's the joy of diapers.
j: Nooooo! I'm poooooping!

(He wore his shirt with an all-over construction vehicles print and blue cords. He's so cute.)

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DT said...

Some days I know how he feels (*sigh*).