Wednesday, June 24, 2009

With excitement like this, who is needing enemas?

First: name that movie! We watched it with the children last week and they loved it.

Second: Hey! I know! I should blog more! Or, well, at all.

So. Summer. Here we are again. The kids are out of school. John is not teaching, but, as Jonah pointed out the other morning, "Dad's not really getting a summer vacation, is he?". University politics and budget woes don't take a break for the summer.

I am about to shoot my first wedding. A couple of friends asked me if I would do this for them some time ago and the big day is Saturday. They are getting married at a neat spot, right around the middle of nowhere somewhat East of here. We are camping out there Friday night; the kids are beyond excited; I need to get camping and camera gear together.

Other summer plans? No travel. Possibly some more short camping trips. Swimming lessons for the kids. Painting the dining room. Cleaning the barn. Blogging.

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heels said...

Yes- blogging. Good.

No travel? Is that a first for you guys?!