Monday, July 09, 2007

This Is The Week That Never Ends...

(Yes, it goes on and on my friends...)

Last week was just too much, wasn't it? What with a holiday smack in the middle of it and the days all disguising themselves as each other--Wednesday was Saturday, or maybe even Sunday, Thursday was Monday--by the time the weekend rolled around (at least, I think it was the weekend, but really, who knows anymore?), I'd lost track. And it's taking us far too long to recover. I blame Jonah, whose summer cold and cough have keeping us from getting much sleep the past few nights.

Today in the car:
J: I was about to ask you if I should buy a NY Times today for the food section.
N: But then you remembered that it's not Wednesday. It's Tuesday.
....long pause....
J: Today's Monday, right?
N: Oh dear.

Aside from that, we've been having a very nice, rather luxurious summer. The last 2 weeks of June were taken up by visits from my family. My parents and sisters were in town for a couple of days right around Jonah's birthday.

After he blew out his candles, he told my dad: "Having you all come for my birthday is my best present." Yes, my sweet little guy turned 4.

The older of my sisters stayed on for a few more days, joined by her fiance and a friend of theirs. Steven (the fiance) is moving to the area next month for school, so he and Auntie Em were scoping out places to live and checking on job prospects. The kids love them; we are very excited to have them so close!

John's pretty much settled in his new office. Fewer books, more view.The building's slowly filling up; there's a little more academic-style hustle and bustle every time I go in. We've moved lots of books around at home, but there are still booooooxes of them out on the back porch...

John's teaching a summer school course right now and by the end of it, summer will be just about over. Before then there will be more low key trips to the river, bike riding, fiddling, the county fair, lots and lots of reading and I'll finish up at least a few of the posts I've started and then abandoned.

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