Friday, July 13, 2007

Headed To The Alps

About a year ago, I wrote about how much Jonah and I have enjoyed watching the Tour de France together on TV every year. We're doing it again this year, of course. Jonah asks to watch the race and he'll sit there, absorbed in what action there is, for a good half hour at a time. I'm not exactly sure what the appeal is for him--guys riding bikes day in and day out is really not all that exciting--but it delights me to no end that he's so into it (perhaps it's just that we watch so little sports on TV that he's desperate).

Part of the appeal for me is watching the countryside go by, especially when the race goes through parts of France that I know well. Tomorrow the riders pass within 2 miles or so of the last house my family lived in in France; I wish I could be there.

But then I wouldn't be here:


heels said...

Look at that big girl on her big girl bike. Go Hannah!

Sara said...

cute pictures!!

they show the whole thing on public TV in France (dangerous), we literally watched the whole 5 hour stage on Sunday, the cats slept on the couch the whole time.