Sunday, May 06, 2007

BusyBusyBusy (BusyBusy)

I haven't blogged all week? Are you sure? Huh. Well, sorry about that.

We've been busy. The academic year is winding down for John. In addition to his regularly scheduled teaching and office hours and grading, every single committee he serves on is trying to sneak in one last meeting--or two or three. So he's had a lot of early mornings and late evenings at work the past couple of weeks and I've had a lot less time that's my own.

Oh, and he gets to move into his new office in the brand-spanking-new building this month. That Hannah referred to the building when they first began construction (when was that? like 2 years ago?) as "Dad's new apartment building" is perhaps telling. But anyway, he needs to pack up all of his books and papers and useless floppy disks and molding coffee cups. Of course, the new place is considerably smaller than where he is now (and he will no longer have his own bathroom, though I'm told he does have a terrific view) so many of those books will wind up at home. We do love books around here. It's a good thing we've got the barn.

When John is busier than usual and less available to our family, I find myself doing more stuff with the kids than I typically do--being more SuperMom-ish. We've been to the swimming pool just about every other evening for the past 3 weeks, we've been working in the yard, we've done a couple of fun art projects, we're all getting along with each other. All of the having fun and being mindful and nurturing and staying busy is hard work. It's good for all of us--I've truly enjoyed focusing more on what the kids want to do and they respond well to being more involved in the things that I'm doing--but, it's wearing. And I don't always remember to take time for myself, and that's just crazy-making.

Those blog awards, you know? Is there a category for Best Blog Where All The Blogger Ever Blogs About Is Why She Never Blogs? I could totally win that one, don't you think?

This weekend was very nice: the weather was spectacular, I got caught up on house-keeping stuff while the kids stayed busy outside and worked and ran errands with John, the kids finally talked him into going to the pool with us, I made delicious fish tostadas for our Seis de Mayo dinner and here I am typing away. Finals start tomorrow, we'll send John off dressed up in his cap and gown to watch students graduate before the week is out.

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