Sunday, April 15, 2007


All over the county this week folks will be recycling some 1300 words I wrote for a Times-Standard special section on the state of the county's dairy industry (they're putting one of these out every Sunday for the next few weeks, each one focusing on one of the county's big industries). Oh, folks will also be recycling a very sweet picture of Jonah drinking a glass of milk. And a couple of typos. Then again, they do that every week. [Somehow they found a way to introduce typos into my article. That's right, me, the compulsive proofreader. Ack. Just so you know: I didn't write that cows eat "salads of fresh clover and us." I don't care how good that milk tastes, I'm not buying it.]

I think this is going to wind up online somewhere; I'll update with a link when that happens.

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday. We're out mowing and weeding and planting in the sunshine.

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Anonymous said...

hey i forgot to leave a comment a minute ago, then came back to make sure i did. namely to say congrats! the article sounds great, good for you!