Sunday, March 11, 2007

Goodbye to All That

It's official! There is no longer any carpet in our house!

John and I--the kids sometimes making things harder, but overall doing a terrific job of staying out of the way--spent the weekend pulling up the old, dusty, icky carpet in our room. We've been talking about doing this ever since we moved in and now it is done. The floor underneath is not in the best of shape, but it is all wood (probably about 100 years old). It's going to be so much easier to keep clean. Whoever put the carpet and 2 layers of padding down sure was into their staple gun: my hands are all achy from pulling hundreds of them up. Of course now I want to paint. (And I've been talking about doing that since the minute we moved into this place too...)

We finished at about 3pm (what's that in normal time? gah, I hate the time change), moved some of the furniture back where it belongs, John took a shower and then, because I am insane I am the best mother ever the kids deserved a good treat, I took them to the pool, then out to dinner, then out to icecream. I am worn out.

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