Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Don't Take It Personally

I'm not ignoring any of you, really (which reminds me: Whitney, I haven't heard from you--are we still on for the thing, you know, that you asked me about?).
Just awesome busy with some stuff and internet access has been spotty at best the past week or so and at some point, I'd rather just not deal with it at all (what kind of a dumb name is SuddenLink for an internet provider anyway?).

I do have a couple of posts lined up though. And next week I'll be blogging from beautiful (it better not be raining, too) San Francisco.

Proofreading Note: The spellcheck wants me to use internet as a proper name.

1 comment:

heels said...

Yeah, Whitney. Where the heck did you go, anyway? I think about you every day when I look at my evil marijuana "poster."

Sorry, Naomi, for turning your comments into a message board. But I know I'll be seeing you soon. Yay! I'll email you with our cell numbers.