Sunday, February 25, 2007

When Bad Colds Go Worse

So, of course, right after I all but promise more frequent posts, things pile up, we have a birthday party for Hannah and Jonah gets sick and I get sick and we host a potluck for John's department at our house and and and.

Jonah wound up on antibiotics for an ear infection. A day on antibiotics turned the neediest, whiniest little guy in the whole wide world back into my sweet, happy little guy--thank goodness for that.

Hannah's birthday party was very nice. She had a few friends over and there was enough of a break in the weather that they got to spend most of the time outside. They enjoyed the treasure hunt I set up throughout the yard and into the house. Hannah effortlessly blew out her six candles.

I took advantage of Hannah's week off of school and not having to get up to take her to school every morning to get sicker than I've been in a while. The symptoms of a cold with a terribly sore throat that's lasted for, uhm, 6 days now (with no fever or other sure signs that it's anything more than a viral infection). With a family still to take care of and a house to get ready for a big to-do, today's the first day I've really been able to lie around and try to rest this bug to death. I do think I'm on the mend, though I've developed a croaky, squeaky voice that is less than effective in getting my children to do a thing I tell them to do since they are so busy laughing at me.

About a month ago, John came home from a department meeting to tell me that "the department decided that we are hosting the department social this semester". They did let me pick the date though. That event was yesterday evening. Our house was filled to capacity, there were lots of desserts, I got to meet lots of the students John mentions, I made enough small talk to last me for a while and, boy, I don't know if we have ever had so much brown glass in our recycling bin.

Jonah, unfortunately, seems to be coming down with another one of his colds, poor sickly little guy--wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

oh, how i miss those days. lamerson doesn't do potluck-type stuff, so you never see your teachers or annoying classmates under the influence of anything but learning. bo-ring!

feel better and good luck with the boy!