Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving Plans

We have been having a lovely Thanksgiving break over here. The weather has been rainy but warm (colder temperatures expected tomorrow); we've worked a few walks along the river and an outing to the Mad River fish hatchery into some of the not-so-rainy spells. We are dog- and hot tub-sitting for some friends. That and the walks are about all we've left the house for the last few days. John's getting some work done and ever so slowly picking up the pace on his grading; the kids have been making up clever, inventful games to play together; I'm thinking about organizing boxes of pictures I've not looked at for far too long; John and I are spending the time we've been needing to spend giving that seven year itch the good scratch it deserves (seven years ago I was not really enrolled in one of John's classes, seven years!).

We have no plans for Thanksgiving dinner other than to be here at home on our own. While that feels a little bit strange and empty to me, it also feels like exactly what our family needs right now. In just a few short days we'll be back to the routine of getting up, getting out of the house, getting from here to there, back here, there again, eating dinner, cleaning up, reading, going to bed (this is why I never blog). On Thursday, I'll cook for my family (they are insisting on pumpkin pie, I am insisting on stuffing) on our little island. We'll clean up, read, go to bed, get ready to go back to the great big world out there.

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