Monday, November 06, 2006

Taken In

Jonah is a small guy. I knew when I was pregnant with him that he was small--even though everyone kept telling me that my second child was bound to be so much bigger than my first. He weighed in at 7lbs 3oz at birth. A respectable weight, but downright puny compared to Hannah's 9lbs 7oz. (So, I knew that he was small even before he was born, but I still worried that everyone was right about the second child being bigger thing.)

He's a cute small guy too. People are often astonished at how well such a small guy speaks. Such a cute small guy whose pants are always falling down... The kid has a teensy tiny waist. I have the hardest time finding pants that fit him. I love the pants with adjustable waistbands, but those are all ones with zippers and snaps that he cannot run on his own and I get tired of doing that kind of thing for him. I also get tired of having to take in the waist on just about every pair of little pants, but he refuses to wear dresses.


Conversation between John and Jonah while they were "doing the dishes" (by that I mean that John does the dishes while Jonah stands next to him at the sink playing with water).
j: Can I use that? (pointing to the bowl of my standing mixer)
J: No, we're trying to clean the dishes here, not get more of them dirty.
j: But I need that. I'm a chef!

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