Sunday, July 30, 2006

Summer Evening: Salad

Summer has finally hit the North Coast. We have had 2 weeks of beautiful, sunny days. While the rest of the state has been absolutely sweltering, temperatures up here have peaked out at about 70 degrees (inland just a bit where we are, we've been up in the very-tolerable 80s). A spell like this never lasts as long as I'd like it to.

Hannah was drawn to a mixed salad with lots of flowers in it at the Farmer's Market yesterday. At dinner, I turned it into a riff on a salad I have been craving: the Lazy Susan Cafe's hot seafood salad. I've often suggested that we make the trip up to Cannon Beach, OR just so that I can have this salad again. Instead, I made a vinaigrette with lemons and shallots, seared some scallops and sweet bay shrimp (fresh mozzarella for Hannah who's just not a seafood gal). A Brio baguette on the side and a tall glass of sun tea. Summer could last forever as far as I'm concerned.

Our big project for the summer has been putting down laminate flooring in our diningroom and playroom (stinky carpet--gone forever!). Putting the laminate down went pretty quickly. Now that that's done, we're moving slowly on the finishing touches. Take another look at that first picture--looks good, doesn't it?

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DT said...

OMG. She's actually posting! Posting! YES!

I wish you all could have been with me this weekend. We would have had a blast, as opposed to what actually happened :(

Though, from the pictures, maybe I wish I had been at YOUR house this weekend!