Friday, February 17, 2006

Speech Impediment

Last night Jonah was kind of running, kind of hopping around the kitchen saying over and over: "I'm a darwin, I'm a darwin, I'm a darwin..."

Is this something he picked up at school? We live in a (in many ways) progressive, liberal, hyper-tolerant town in a liberal state. Most people around here consider themselves, I'm sure, the utmost in political correctness. Still, the Children's Center is going to get its butt sued when someone finds out the kids are playing "darwin" at school.

I asked Jonah what a "darwin" is. I'm very intrigued, after all, by the idea of playing out natural selection on the playground. Are the darwins the good guys? Isn't survival of the fittest built into the school system?

"It's someone who skips to my wou!"

So, we are working on pronouncing llllll sounds.

Gratuitous picture of the sweet darling helping to dismantle the old chicken coop. It came down during the New Year's storm.

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