Monday, October 10, 2005

All in a day's work

For just over a year now I have been working a couple of hours a week in a friend's children's clothing boutique (maternity and nursing clothes too!). I enjoy it quite a bit. I get a break from the kids and the house and I get to have some conversations with adults and meet all kinds of people.

A couple of months ago, a fellow came in looking for a gift for a newborn baby boy. It was clear he was out of his element; I figured he was buying a gift for a secretary or some such. I helped him pick something out. Just another day at the office.

The same fellow came into the store this afternoon while I was there. Again I helped him pick something out for a little baby boy, now 2 months old. Again he seemed rather out of his element. We had the following conversation:
Me: Is this for your son?
Him: No, my sister's son.
Me: Do they live around here?
Him: No, they're in Texas.
Me: Oh. Can I gift-wrap this for you?
Him: Yes, that would be nice. I'd be happy to tell you all about it over coffee.
At this point I blushed and busied myself with the wrapping. There was a rather long pause.
Him: I don't know what your situation is...
Me: Well, I'm married, for one thing. (Note to self: get bigger wedding band.)
Him: Oh, that's too bad.
Me: I don't think so.


DT said...

Ooh... John better watch out! How could you resist that pick-up line?!

I think it was really the nursing bras that turned him on... (ew)

Rude Cactus said...

Ha! Some guys have such nerve ;-)

Beth Fish said...

Nice to be asked though...

DT said...

Where are you? Your writing is sorely missed, as are all of you!