Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Another day, another haircut

Today we ran errands: Costco for milk (it's never just milk), Michael's for craft supplies (we are making shirts for Cole Taylor), fresh haircuts for the kids (didn't they just get haircuts?).

Our schedules are set up so that the kids and I get 2 whole days in a row at home together. John's busiest and longest days. This is not due to poor planning on my part (and I'm the one who does the planning around here, so I don't even get to blame John), rather I was kind to another family at the school and gave them one of the days I had asked for so that they could fit their kids in. I'm worn out by the end of the day. John comes home worn out. The kids are apparently only worn out when we are waiting in line at the grocery store.

It hasn't been too bad, though I am certainly glad to send both of them off to school on Fridays (Hannah also goes on Thursdays). We've been slowly working on cleaning up our art supplies. We've spent lots of time outside. We've done some fun cooking projects. They are getting so that they can play together without needing me to entertain them. I don't even need to supervise them very closely as long as I can hear them. Occasionally, they work out conflicts without my intervention. At times I'm convinced that I can do this after all.

Which doesn't mean that I don't head off to be by myself the minute John gets home. The blog's not going to write itself.

PS. I just ran the spellcheck before publishing this post. Yes, it does not recognize the word "blog". Wants to know if I meant to use "bloc". Communist spellcheck.

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