Thursday, July 07, 2005


I threw caution to the wind today and let John take the kids in for haircuts. By himself. Without me there to supervise. Fearing the results, I can hardly bear to let John go get his own hair cut on his own, so this is a huge step. I'm not a control freak (OK, I'm trying to not become a control freak), but haircuts? are so easy to get wrong.

Poor Jonah couldn't see through the hair falling in his eyes and the only time Susan (who is wonderful with my children and Hannah about lost it when I once suggested someone else cut her hair) had available was while I'd be at "work". Also, after growing her hair out for about a year, Hannah has decided she wants her hair short again. This is perfectly fine with me and, in fact, this way we can even everything out with the smallish haircut Hannah recently gave herself.

I must say, I truly appreciate having a hairdresser I can trust my sweet children to. And a husband who's willing to take 2 children to get haircuts by himself. The kiddoes look pretty cute, all freshly shorn. Oh, I bet you'd like to see a picture.

A few words about our sweet, well-loved, long-suffering cat, FuzzBall. One evening last week I noticed that she was looking sort of ratty. The fur on her back was looking all ragged and there were a few patches of skin showing. I thought the poor thing had mange, but when we took a closer look, it turns out she (only) had a bad haircut from Hannah's Kitty Boutique. Really, she is too kind to the children. And all of our scissors are now hidden away. I don't want Hannah's friend Jayme's gorgeous blonde curls to be the next victims.

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Anonymous said...

I had occasion to tell the story of FuzzBall's fear of Bryan's nose just the other day. The chair of my committee and his wife just adopted a small version of FuzzBall and I'm going to be housesitting for them next week.

I had a cat, named Harley, when I was Hannah's age. He let me do anything to him too. Undoubtedly Hannah will be an adamant cat lover for life.

Hannah E.