Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Been busy

I do, someday, intend to do more here than just report on what we've been up to. Talk about how being a mother has changed me (and it has). Talk about current events (I do watch the news, read the papers and have opinions). I don't seem to get enough down time for those kinds of thoughts to trickle out through my fingertips though, so patience, internet, patience.

In any case. We've had yet another busy weekend consisting of going to the farmer's market then working in the yard on Saturday, hanging out with friends on Sunday. In this case the hanging out consisted of attending the sweet Harper Schwab's 2nd birthday party. It was very nice, low-key, held in their backyard.

My 18-year-old sister, Emilie, and 2 of her friends are visiting this week on the last leg of a road-trip. They left Seattle some 3 weeks ago, have been to Vegas, spent 4 days at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, LA, Sacramento, San Francisco, off to the Oregon Coast next, then home. Em is a whole lot of fun to be around, Steven and Nancy are pretty cool too. And the kids just love them. Boy, do I ever like having extra hands around! They found a hammock out in the barn (must belong to the landlords or ???) which has been a huge hit. We're planning on going to Agate Beach tomorrow evening for a picnic and bonfire.
Emilie gave me all this flack about sending my kids to summer school. What kind of a mother am I? After about 10 minutes of them crawling all over her, I think she started to realize the rationale for this. However, I had to listen to Hannah all the way to school saying: "I don't want to go to summer school." And since Jonah repeats pretty much everything she says...

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